Thorold, Ontario … July 19th — Legendary modified driver Fred Hurst and veteran racer, car owner and broadcaster Gordy Wilson of Ransomville, N.Y. were inducted into Merrittville Speedway’s Wall of Fame Saturday


Hurst began his racing career in 1953 with his innovative father Harry, winning championships in 1965 and 1967 with his immaculately-prepared, Corvette powered No.35s.

“This has been an out-and-out pleasure for me tonight. Just great coming back here seeing my old buddies — just a great honour getting this thing,” said Hurst who admitted he hadn’t been to the speedway in 25 years.

Wilson’s 60-year involvement in the sport ended just last year as long-time Merrittville announcer — noted for his “They’re stacking ‘em up like cord wood.” retort during big wrecks. He also hosted his Pit Stop radio show for 30 years.

“When I worked here I always knew in advance who the Wall of Fame recipients were,” said a visibly emotional Wilson. “This track is more home to me even though I live in Ransomville. The people here have just been great over the years.



The championship board, introduced by former owner Bryant Irvine in 1991 was re-dedicated and will be prominent at the speedway among the Wall of Fame posters.

“The 52nd Nostalgia Night was probably a real epitome for us, especially with Brian Stevens winning the feature and his families involvement here going back to 1952,” said reunion chairman Rick Kavanagh, declaring the entire evening with over 300 track alumni present, a huge success.

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