Sandy MacPherson

The MacPherson family has been involved in the sport of stock car racing at Merrittville Speedway almost since its inception.   In 1955 Ed MacPherson fielded a 1933 Ford coupe #21 for George Winger.   Young Sandy would crew with his father on the car, while brother Bob would become the official starter.   


In 1958 the Jalopy division, a pure stock version of the stock car division was formed and the J-21 was built and Sandy MacPherson made his debut as a driver.  Brother Bob continuing as starter now had a track side view of his young brother’s career.  After a few seasons of competing in the jalopy division, Sandy built a blue coupe and the 21 jr. was born, along with his cartoon character “Alleyoup” painted on the car.  Sandy would compete at not only Merrittville, but also the Ransomville Speedway and Humberstone track.  


When Speedway Park opened in 1962, Sandy competed there.   The 21 jr. was a familiar sight at his home track Merrittville Speedway.   In 1962  Sandy would win the John Spencer Memorial and in 1964 would become Ransomville’s points champion.   In 1966 Sandy was competing one Sunday night at Humberstone Speedway, when he was involved in a horrific crash.  Sandy survived the crash, but the 21 jr. was written off.  With no race car, Sandy, along with close friend Norphy Rosetto became starters at Ransomville Speedway.  


Ed MacPherson Construction always furnished construction equipment for Merrittville’s projects and this was evident in 1972 when new track owner Stan Friesen hired Ed MacPherson Construction to re-configure Merrittville’s surface from a ¼ mile oval to a 3/8 mile D-shaped circuit, with its infamous turn four.  (So here’s the guy to blame, if you dislike turn four, like most of us, his name is Sandy MacPherson.)   In 1972, Sandy also took on starter duties, with Tom Overholt, following in the foot steps of his brother Bob.  


Sandy, Bob, and Jack MacPherson were very close and along with his son Dave kept the racing bug alive.  In 1997 the Merrittville Speedway Reunion Committee introduced the Kelley-Winger Sportsmanship Award and Sandy and Dave MacPherson became the sponsors.   For the last three seasons, Sandy and Dave MacPherson have rekindled the 21 jr., as grand kids Dillon and Teagon are pursuing a go-karting career on Tuesday nights at Merrittville.  


By the way, Sandy’s last victory at Merrittville came a couple of years ago in his red 21 jr. dump truck.  Unfortunately this spring Sandy’s racing buddy, brother Bob, passed away suddenly and he is surely missed tonight, since both he and Ted Boucock would start the vintage cars, the traditional way, on the track.  


Tonight Sandy, we are pleased to induct you to the Merrittville Speedway Alumni  Wall of Fame, joining your brother Bob, as the first brothers to be inducted on to it.


By the way,when are you bringing the bulldozer back,to fix turn four.?




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