Chris Ricker “Lucky” #13

Chris Ricker


Chris Ricker was a young mechanic who worked at Allen’s Auto in Dunnville by day and at night and weekends, followed racing, especially his hero Earl Ross, from Ailsa Craig, Ontario, who not only raced at local tracks in Ontario on that other “stuff”, asphalt, but raced and won in NASCAR’s Grant National Circuit back in the early 1970’s.  That aside, the racing bug attracted Chris to build a 1970 Chevelle, paint his hero’s #13 on it and hit the local dirt tracks, in the bomber division, the equivalent to a dirt late model entry class in 1984. 


Chris had shunned the myth of #13, by placing a respectable seventh place in the points standings at Merrittville    Speedway.  For 1986 a new stronger car would be fabricated, as the Ricker #13 would compete at all the area tracks and would be rewarded with the 1986 Bomber Championships at Merrittville and Ransomville Speedways and with a runner up at Humberstone. While attaining much success in the bomber division, for the 1987 season, Chris Ricker and crew made the huge jump to Modified. 


The Ricker Racing team from Dunnville showed up at Merrittville   Speedway with the ex-Ivan    Little Troyer modified, trailer and all.  The car sported yellow flames and his now familiar #13. The 1987 season was spent re-learning how to get around Merrittville and Humberstone in a modified and by season’s end a respectable 12 place in modified points was attained, a great season for a rookie.


From 1988 to 1990 the #13 modified continued to develop as a consistent competitor at area tracks and by 1990 the refreshed Troyer chassis now sported new sponsorship from Chris’s new business C.J. Ricker Mobile Maintenance. Chris was a perfectionist and eager to attain his former success in the bomber division.  For 1992 he piloted a brand new Bicknell small block modified, owned by his wife Vicki.    


Chris Ricker

As the years went by, the Ricker Racing #13 was a  consistent competitor at area tracks, especially Merrittville Speedway.  At the Merrittville Speedway 2001 banquet, Chris Ricker was awarded the Kelley-Winger Sportsmanship award for his years of conduct and representing the sport in a professional way. 


The yellow #13 would continue to compete strongly at Merrittville, but after 20 plus years in the sport, Chris hung up his driving suit at the end of 2005. Today Chris and Vicki tend to their horses on their farm in Dunnville and C.J. Ricker Mobile Maintenance still demands Chris’s day to day             attention. 


Tonight Chris we welcome you to the L. St. Amand sponsored “Alumni Wall of Fame” recognizing another career of horsepower, especially at Merrittville Speedway.   

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