The Modern ErA 1999 to Present

The original article was written back in 1999, when The Merrittville Speedway Reunion Committee re-introduced the award, once restored.

At first we would open the season with it being awarded at the Spring Championship 50 lap feature  for Modifieds, but since 2003 it has been awarded during the final points night ,upon which we call, ”The Night of Champions"

So as we fast forward 16 years, we look upon the winners. During the original era 1953-1965, Bruce Van Dyke #88 held the record with 5 victories, until he was surpassed by Peter Bicknell #42 with 6 victories.  Then comes Mike Bowman #71 with 3. There is alist of drivers with two victories, but it begs to be asked, whether Mat Williamson #6, a back to back winner will make it a triple in 2015?


Bruce VanDyke

Pete Bicknell

Pete Bicknell


Mike Bowman


Mat Williamson

The competition amongst the Pinty’s modifieds has been breathtaking this season & we know one thing for sure, is that we will congratulate another John Spencer Memorial winner&crown a Pinty’s modified points Champion. Will it be Brachman, Bicknell ,Williamson ,or someone else?                          

John Spencer Memorial Winners, Modern era  
2000- Peter Bicknell                   
2001-Peter Bicknell  
2002-Chad Brachman  
2003-Peter Bicknell
2004-Fred Carleton
2005- Peter Bicknell  
2006-rained -out. 
2007- Peter Bicknell 
2008- Larry Lampman
2009- Mike Bowman               
2010- Mike Bowman
2011-Larry Lampman                     
2012-Mike Bowman                    
2013- mat Williamson                          
2014- Mat Williamson                     
2015- ????????????      

Sincerely Rick Kavanagh.