McPherson takes Opening Round of
David Chevrolet King of the Crates Series 


Cody McPherson opened up the 2014 David Chevrolet King of the Crates Series by winning the 30 lap Main Event on Baron Roofing & Siding Night Saturday June 7th.

Chad Chevalier, Kevin Knapp, Jamie Gilbert and Rob Overholt also visited Victory Lane in the Bobcat of Hamilton 358 Modifieds, Hoosier Stock, J&S Heating and Air Conditioning Modified Lite and Turn 4 Collision 4 Cylinder Divisions.

“I love running last … these extra distance races are good for me,” relayed defending Rick’s Delivery Sportsman Champion Cody McPherson in Victory Lane for the second time of the season. McPherson of St. Catharines, also the 2012 David Chevrolet King of the Crates Series Champion took control of top spot down the front-stretch of lap 7 and by the halfway point had opened up a lead of almost a straightaway on early leader Justin Sharp. Sharp held off McPherson in a side by side battle for a few laps after taking top spot from defending King of the Crates Champion Greg Panunte. Panunte unfortunately was disqualified post race due to a malfunctioning Rev Limiter Chip. McPherson, Sharp, James Michael Friesen and Jason Farraway and 17th place finisher Ryan Turner shared in $1,250.00 Bonus Money from Baron Roofing and Siding.

“Racing is a great sport,” said Baron Roofing and Siding’s Terry Keagan who added $5,000.00 to the night’s purse,” the drivers race their hearts out every week … we are just glad to help out anyway we can.”

“I saw Travis up top and he kept going and going,” shared Chad Chevalier in Bobcat of Hamilton 358 Modified Victory Lane, “I did that myself earlier and moved down to a lower groove.” Robbie Krull was first to lead – setting the pace through a couple early cautions until Tyler McPherson became the new leader on lap 6. Travis Cunningham took control of top spot on lap 19 after a spirited battle with Tyler McPherson. Cunningham, McPherson, Chevalier and Chris Steele broke away from the field in the last half of the race with Chevalier taking second on lap 28 some 20 car lengths behind the leader. With the laps on the Insta-Insulation Lap Counter winding down, Cunningham would fall off the pace slightly allowing Chevalier to take over top spot. A last lap caution would set up a 1 lap dash to the checkered flag with Chevalier of Port Colborne able to hold on to top spot for his second win of the season. The top 5 of Chevalier, McPherson, Cunningham, Chad Brachmann, Steele and Dennis Giancola shared in $1,250.00 in Bonus Money from Baron Roofing and Siding.

“I didn’t know what we had in store for us with the track maintenance,” said Hoosier defending Hoosier Stock Champion Kevin Knapp in Victory Lane for the second time of 2014, “I just ran my race … up around the top.” Knapp, who started on the front row immediately faced a challenge from Billy Bleich, Jr. with the two Port Robinson racers side by side. By lap 5, Knapp had pulled away from the field and by lap 10 was into slower cars. The race to watch in the last half of the 20 lap Event was the one for second with Bleich being challenged by Mark Fawcett, Rob Murray and Billy Hogue. Fawcett was able to get by Bleich for the runner up spot on lap 17 but could not catch the leader. Knapp, Fawcett, Bleich, Murray, Hogue and 12th finisher Mike Klazinga shared in $1,000.00 in Bonus Money from Baron Roofing and Siding.

“The track wasn’t for me tonight,” revealed Jamie Gilbert in J&S Heating and Air Conditioning Modified Lite Victory Lane, “it was all or nothing.” For the Port Colborne Driver it was almost nothing after losing control of his car – one of the Josh Sliter Racing Team Cars. Jeffrey May was the early leader through a number of early cautions before Derek Wagner took control on lap 2. Just as quickly as Wagner was the new leader … another early change found Paul Klager our front of the field. Wagner too would lose control of his car on lap slowing the field once again. With two laps to go Gilbert had battled back to second and when Klager and Gilbert took Starter Steve DeVos’  White Flag they were dead even with the same time showing on the Lucas Oil Live Leaderboard. At the Checkered Flag – the top 5 of Gilbert, Klager, May, Wagner, Josh Sliter and 13th place finisher shared in $ 750.00 in Bonus Money from Baron Roofing and Siding.

“I saw everyone all around me … I just kept my cool and hoped for the best,” said Rob Overholt in Turn 4 Collision 4 Cylinder Victory Lane. After a pace lap incident, Kourtney Kocarik was the first to lead with three and four wide action behind her. The second generation driver unfortunately would get out of shape with Fort Erie’s Rob Overholt the new leader. On a restart on lap 4 – the battle for top spot quickly saw Overholt challenged by Tyler Lafantaisie, Evan Curtis and Jason Coutu with Lafantaisie in control on lap 5. 2 laps later Overholt was able to regain top spot with Lafantaisie keeping pace ahead of the race for the top 5 which had Leroy Buscumb join in. Buscumb began the night being named the Archer Truck Service Driver of the Week. By lap 10, Curtis was into the runner up spot with the top 5 all not giving an inch. The race of the night finished with Overholt holding off Curtis, Buscumb, Lafantaisie and Coutu as the top 5. Along with 23rd place finisher Brandon Boychuck – the six drivers shared in $ 750.00 from Baron Roofing & Siding.

UPCOMING AT MERRITTVILLE SPEEDWAY Saturday June 14th – Ball Hockey International presents Family Autograph Night with a Lucas Oil Weekly Racing Series featuring another Hoosier Stock Duel on the Dirt Home Track Event. Benefitting also will be the Canadian National Autism Foundation and KIDSRACE.

Grandstands open at 5:30 with Show Time at 7 PM. Merrittville Speedway is located at 2371 Merrittville Highway in Thorold. For directions click on or call 905-892-8266 or via e mail –

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David Chevrolet King of the Crates Series Opener for the Rick’s Delivery Sportsman (30 laps) Cody McPherson, Justin Sharp, James Michael Friesen, Jason Farraway, Austin Wood, Paul Gaboury, Adam Leslie, Brent Begolo, Jay Mallory, Brad Rouse, Gary Lindberg, Jordan Cosco, Rob Knapp, Boyd MacTavish, Joey Mastroianni, Ryan Turner, Gord McIntosh, Robert Baker, Charlie Lynch, Paul Williamson, Derick Hodge, AJ Lewis, Tony Cowell. DQ – Greg Panunte. DNS – Jim Harbison, Rob Clark, Chad Brown.

Bobcat of Hamilton 358 Modified Feature (35 laps) Chad Chevalier, Tyler McPherson, Travis Cunningham, Chad Brachmann, Chris Steele, Mark D’Ilario, Robbie Krull, Ryan Susice, Pete Bicknell, Mat Williamson, Tim Jones, Mike Bowman, Scott Wood, Travis Miller, Fred Carleton, Bill Bleich, Todd Gordon, Dennis Giancola, Tommy Flannigan, Rick Hoctor, Chris Bellamy, Brandon Easey.

Hoosier Stock Feature (20 laps) Kevin Knapp, Mark Fawcett, Billy Bleich, Rob Murray, Billy Hogue, Jim Lampman, Jason Fontaine, Brad Sheehan, Chris Crawford, Vince Fargnoli, Kyle Pelrine, Mike Klazing.

J&S Heating and Air Conditioning Modified Lite Feature (15 laps) Jamie Gilbert, Paul Klager, Jeff May, Derek Wagner, Josh Sliter, Rick Koabel, Dylan Davidson, Kristy Dulaj, Chris Watson, Rob Misener, Evan Leonard, Marty DeMoel, RJ Pietz.

Turn 4 Collision 4 Cylinder Feature (15 laps) Rob Overholt, Evan Curtis, Leroy Buscumb, Tyler Lafantaisie, Jason Coutu, Mike Sadusek, Rob Goulding, Sam Iftody, Greg Wilson, Garnet Wilson, Jeremy Smith, Kurtis Wiley, Kyle Haynes, Zack Zumpe, Alex Riley, Chris Storm, Mike Giberson, Chris Shepherd, Cam Collens, Jocelyn Wiley, Kyle Rothwell, Brandon Boychuck, Jeff Hill.

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Join us this season on a Saturday Night for a LUCAS OIL WEEKLY RACING SERIES EVENT featuring FIVE Divisions with local heroes and up and coming new stars. Make your plans … call your friends and enjoy a staycation at the speedway with plenty of free parking and camping spots – a night at the races is so much fun and so close to home!   Your Local Dirt Track is where it’s at!  

MERRITTVILLE SPEEDWAY SPONSORS The 2013 62nd  Anniversary Lucas Oil Weekly Racing Series for Merrittville Speedway’s 5 Divisions was brought to race fans and racers by division sponsors – Bobcat of Hamilton, Rick’s Delivery, J&S Heating and Air Conditioning, Hoosier Tire Canada and Turn 4 Collision in addition to many marketing partners Visit them at . and visit them when you require their products and/or services.   Lucas Oil Products is one of the fastest growing additive lines in the consumer automotive industry featuring a premium line of oils, greases and problem-solving additives. Through innovative product research and development, along with aggressive marketing programs, Lucas Oil Products has established itself as the top selling additive in the industry.   Race fans can look for Lucas Oil Products at their favorite automotive retailer or maintenance center including Drummond Home Hardware. KC Auto Parts, RCM Racing Equipment and Tim Phillips Garage.

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