Meridian Credit Union Night features annual
Sterling Silvr Event for Sportsman Division  

Racing is about family and friends.

When former racer Ken Walsh of St. Catharines got his start in what is now the Rick’s Delivery Sportsman Division – one family that helped him out was the Willards – especially Bill Willard Senior.

Walsh wanted to honor one of Merrittville’s pioneers and The Sterling Silvr Award is an annual award he created for the 1990 season and every year honors his memory.

2015 is the 26th edition of the Sterling Silvr Award and of all the previous winners – defending race winner James Friesen, Justin Sharp (2013), Brad Rouse (2012), Bill’s great grandson Cody McPherson (2011) and Chad Chevalier (2009) are the only driver still regularly active in the division.  

Beginning in the 1950’s the Willard family got its start in the local racing scene when Bill Willard Senior quickly became an accomplished car owner for drivers including Don Taylor, Bev MacTavish, Stan Friesen, George Winger and Terry Edwards while at the same time providing towing service through Willard & Son Towing which is now CAA Niagara.  

Fast forward to the 1970’s and the cars Bill Sr. and his son Al would own and maintain would be those driven by the family’s third generation … Bill Willard and later his sister Tammy.

In recent years, Bill’s son BJ was a regular competitor in the Sportsman Division in the familiar #77 but has stepped away from the sport since moving to Pembroke. BJ’s cousin Cody McPherson - son of Bill’s granddaughter Lori and her husband Guy is a former Sterling Silvr Winner as well as a former King of the Crates and overall Point Champion.

A Willard #77 will return to Merrittville August 29th to assist in the running of this year’s Sterling Sliver festivities as Bill Willard Jr. recently discovered one of his former racers and has since restored it.

Willard 1

Bill’s Vintage Racer will be on display and will pace the Sportsman Feature – ten years after he won the Sterling Silvr Award himself

Willard 2

Bill Willard Jr Back in the Day

Sterling         Silvr    Winners   

1990   Doug  Gordon 
1991   Larry   Czinege 
1992   Larry   Czinege 
1993   Cliff     Warner 
1994   Don    Martin 
1995   Greg   Panunte 
1996   Bill      Krull 
1997   Bill      Podwinski 
1998   Chad  Brachmann 
1999   Chad  Brachmann 
2000   Joe      Meisel 
2001   Chad  Brachmann 
2002   Rob     Pietz 
2003   Bob     Davidson 
2004   Martin Polhill 
2005   Bill      Willard            Jr 
2006   Mat      Williamson 
2007   Mat      Williamson 
2008   Brandon  Easey 
2009   Chad  Chevalier 
2010   Brandon Easey 
2011   Cody   McPherson 
2012   Brad Rouse
2013   Justin Sharp
   James Friesen

It’s all part of Meridian Credit Union Night at Merrittville Speedway that will also feature the second last Points Events for all Lucas Oil Weekly Racing Series Divisions – the Pinty’s Delicious Foods 358 Modifieds, Hoosier Stocks, Rev’s Full Throttle Powersports Modified Lites and the Van Raine Construction 4 Cylinders.

The Great Clips Grandstand Ticket Office opens at 5:30 with Show Time at 7:00 PM.

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