On Saturday July 4th, 2015, the Technical Inspection Team selected four Sportsman Motors to be pulled for inspection and to be sent to the dyno.

Post racing on Saturday July 4 the following cars were escorted to Bicknell Racing Products where their cars were locked over night: #8s Justin Sharp, #9 Paul Gaboury, #18MR Brad Rouse and #28 Gary Lindberg.

On Sunday July 5th, under supervision of David Sim and Erica Bicknell-Jones, the motors of the #8s and #9 were pulled, labelled and put aside at Bicknell Racing Products.  The #18MR and #28 were allowed to set up and wash their race cars at Bicknell Racing Products under the supervision of Erica Bicknell-Jones.  Once service of these cars was completed the cars were locked in their trailers with padlocks provided by the Speedway and were held at Bicknell Racing Products until 4:30pm.  Erica Bicknell-Jones then escorted the #18MR and #28 to Humberstone Speedway.  The trailers were unlocked at the Speedway and the cars were monitored by Erica Bicknell-Jones for the remainder of the race night.  At the end of the night, the motors were pulled and loaded into a vehicle and escorted back to Bicknell Racing Products.  All four motors as well as the headers and carb from the #8s were loaded into a Cube Van and locked over night at Bicknell Racing Products.

On Monday July 6, David Sim and Erica Bicknell-Jones brought the motors and parts to Smith Performance Specialties in Cayuga, Ontario.  They were met by drivers and or representatives of each team as follows: #8s Justin Sharp, #9 Paul Gaboury, #18MR Rick Bellante and #28 John Bevan.

Under supervision of the above mentioned people and operated by Fred Smith, all four motors were dynoed.

All motors were dynoed infront of everyone and all dyno numbers were visible to everyone present.  Each car representative received a print out of their own motor.

Dyno horsepower results were averaged and of the four motors there was a difference of 0.6HP.

All motors checked on the dyno met technical specifications and were deemed legal.

Merrittville Speedway would like to thank all the drivers, their crews and families for their professionalism and cooperation over the past few days.

Merrittville Speedway will make a final announcement upon completion of technical inspection of the #28 distributor.



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