D’Ilario’s first win of 2015 quickly becomes
two in Dave’s Small Engines Night   

For Mark D’Ilario, Brad Rouse, Dave Bailey, Rob Misener and Kyle Haynes – the pressure to get the first win of 2015 is off.

For D’Ilario – the Smithville native can easily apply some pressure now after winning a Honda Power Washer in Dave’s Small Engines Night. Once the final checkered flag flew each of the 5 Lucas Oil Weekly Racing Series Divisional Feature Winners were all eligible for the prize valued at more than $600.00.

“After last week … this sure is a nice way to come back!” said Mark D’Ilario in Victory Lane after winning the 35 lap Feature for the Pinty’s Delicious Foods 358 Modifieds, “ and to top it off – taking this home is sweet – thanks to everyone at Dave’s Small Engines.”

After beating fellow front row starter Boyd MacTavish to the initial green flag, D’Ilario who spin into the infield one week ago seemed to be on a mission. By lap 10, the former Kart Racer had already caught slower cars. D’Ilario and the 24 car field would catch a break at the half-way point after a red flag was necessary to clear a stranded car in front of the Insta-Insulation Turn 1 Lap Counter. When the action resumed, one of the drivers on the move was Scott Wood with a number of cars trying to break into the top 5. By lap 25, the leader had opened up a lead of some 10 car lengths and with lap 30 showing in the Lucas Oil Live Leaderboard managed to stretch his advantage. The race to watch was the one for third with Tim Jones trying to hold off challenges from Mat Williamson, Chad Brachmann, Billy Dunn and others. Contact between Jones and Williamson down the back-stretch of lap 33 had both drivers able to continue even with Williamson right sideways heading into Turn 3. Slight contact with Brachmann straightened his car out but contact with the guardrail may have led to caution after the defending champion spun between Turns 1 and 2. With D’Ilario back in control in the two lap dash – the battle for second went three wide with Brachmann, Dunn, MacTavish and Tommy Flannigan as the Top 5.

“That’s racing,” said Rick’s Delivery Sportsman Feature Winner Brad Rouse who also rebounded nicely from a disappointing finish last week, “we left last week’s car at home and brought the new car out this week.” One week ago a battle for top spot between Rouse and Rob Knapp went sour after the two came together the final time between Turns 3 and 4. Rouse as well seemed like he was on a mission looking for redemption – taking the lead the first time down the back-stretch of the 25 Event from defending Champion Cody McPherson. A couple of early cautions slowed Rouse but by half-way Rouse and front-runners Jay Mallory, James Friesen and Chad Chevalier spread apart by about 10 car lengths each. The battle for 5th was between two-time 2015 Winner Gary Lindberg and McPherson. The last half of the race had Rouse tip towing through lap traffic through to the checkered flag with the finishing order Mallory, Friesen, Chevalier and Lindberg.

“I didn’t expect this at all,” revealed Dave Bailey in Hoosier Stock Victory Lane for the first time ever, “we worked all week to change engines after blowing up last week.” Bailey was the third driver of the night to rebound after events of last week. Bailey finished the 20 lap Event but crossed the finish line with thick smoke belching out of his race car. Unfortunate contact between defending champion Mark Fawcett and 2015’s only feature winner Jason Fontaine opened the door for Bailey after a lap 18 restart. The start saw a see saw battle between Pete Reid and Lee Winger which continued past the half-way point. With Reid finally opening up a couple car length advantage – Jason Fontaine began to close on Winger. Slight contact between the two front-runners had Fontaine in top spot down the front-stretch of lap 11. Fawcett would regroup and challenge Fontaine with an inside move on lap 17 and retaking top spot. After the lap 18 restart and Fawcett and Fontaine’s coming together Bailey took control of top spot through to the checkered flag with Winger, Reid, Kyle Pelrine and Kevin Knapp as the Top 5 after Fontaine was relegated to the rear of the field.

“I’ve been waiting for this one for a while,” said Rob Misener after winning his first career Rev’s Full Throttle Powersports Modified Lite Feature, “I’ve been coming here since I was 3 or 4 years old … it’s a dream come true!” The start of the 15 lap Feature had former Tuesday Night Karters battling for the lead with 14 year old Dylan Davidson holding off second year driver Chris Watson. Misener became the new leader out of Turn 4 in completing lap 4 just as caution would slow the pace. Once racing resumed, Josh Sliter was on the move and into the runner up spot with Misener, Sliter and Derek Wagner in third pulling away from the field by almost a ¼ lap. Wagner would take second from Sliter who would battle back through increasing lap traffic until a lap 18 caution. A final caution would set up a dash to the finish with Misener holding off Wagner, Sliter, Paul Klager and Jamie Gilbert at the finish.

A great start to the new season continued for Kyle Haynes – backing up a second place finish with his first career win. Haynes took control of the 15 lap Event for the Van Raine Construction 4 Cylinder Division down the back-stretch of lap 12 leaving defending Champion Leroy Buscumb to deal with challenger Rob Goulding. Buscumb and Goulding first met after a lap 5 restart with Buscumb in front. Buscumb had taken over top spot from initial leader Jeff Larmet. Buscumb had survived a couple of early cautions as leader and when Haynes landed in second – the two pulled away to a 5 car advantage. Once Haynes became the new leader, Goulding made a late race charge to edge Buscumb with Jason Coutu and Tyler Lafantaisie as the top 5.

PIT NOTES Dave’s Small Engines also offered an Echo Trimmer as a secondary prize in the St. Catharines CYO 50-50 Draw with Doug Doyle taking home the prize.

UPCOMING AT MERRITTVILLE SPEEDWAY Merrittville Speedway’s first Holiday Doubleheader of 2015 kicks off with Saturday May 16th with Lococo Wholesale presenting Rankin Cancer Run Night featuring a 5 Division Lucas Oil Weekly Racing Series Event. Zavitz Financial Strategies and Employee Benefits concludes the action Monday May 18th as hosts of the 44 lap Brian Stevens Memorial for the Pinty’s Delicious Foods 358 Modifieds with $4,444.00 going to the winner. Rounding out the Holiday program are the RUSH Late Models, Hoosier Stocks and the first Ballhockey.com Enduro Qualifier accelerated by Niagara College.

The Grandstand Gates open at 5:30 for both events. Showtime is 7:00. To reach Merrittville Speedway call 905-892-8266 or via e mail – donspiece.merrittvillespeedway@gmail.com. Merrittville Speedway is located at 2371 Merrittville Highway in Thorold Ontario. For all the news on Merrittville Speedway’s 64th Consecutive Season in 2015 – visit www.merrittvillespeedway.com. Become a fan of Merrittville Speedway on Face Book at www.facebook.com/Merrittville Speedway and follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/Merrittville

Pinty’s Delicious Foods DIRTcar 358 Modified Feature (35 laps) Mike D’Ilario, Chad Brachmann, Billy Dunn, Boyd MacTavish, Tommy Flannigan, Tim Jones, Scott Wood, Tyler McPherson, Pete Bicknell, Chris Steele, Wayne Conn, Mike Bowman, Fred Carleton, Mat Williamson, Bill Bleich, Travis Miller, Davey Moore, Brandon Easey, Dennis Giancola, Jeff McGinnis, Todd Gordon, Luke Skywalker, Chris Bellamy, Scott George. Rick’s Delivery

RICKS DELIVERY SPORTSMAN – (25 laps) Brad Rouse, Jay Mallory, James Friesen, Chad Chevalier, Gary Lindberg, Cody McPherson, Paul Gaboury, Brent Begolo, Jason Moore, Robert Baker, Joey Mastroianni, Justin Sharp, Chris Storm, Austin Wood, Jordan Cosco, Adam Leslie, Paul Williamson, Gord Moreau, Rob Clark. Hoosier Stock Feature (20 laps) Dave Bailey, Lee Winger, Pete Reid, Kyle Pelrine, Kevin Knapp, Jim Lampman, Chris Crawford, Mark Fawcett, Jason Fontaine, Billy Bleich, Jack Myers. Rev’s Full Throttle Power Sports

REV'S FULL THROTTLE POWERSPORTS MODIFIED LITE FEATURE (15 laps) Rob Misener, Derek Wagner, Josh Sliter, Paul Klager, Jamie Gilbert, Jeffrey May, Ray Sliter, Jr., Marty deMoel, Kellie Mason, Dylan Davidson, Steven Beckett, RJ Pietz, Chris Watson, Mike Journeaux. Van Raine Construction

VANRAINE CONSTRUCTION 4 CYLINDER (15 laps) Tyler Lafantaisie, Kyle Haynes, Rob Goulding, Leroy Buscumb, Jason Coutu, Tyler Lafantaisie, Mike Sadusek, Tony Kelly, Sam Iftody, Kyle Rothwell, Jeremy Smith, Kourtney Kocarik, Gary Hodason, Jeffrey Larmet, Eric Larmet, Alex Riley, Mike Giberson, Alex Pidgeon, Go Fast Teeple, Brandon Pidgeon.

MERRITTVILLE SPEEDWAY SPONSORS The 2015 64th Anniversary Lucas Oil Weekly Racing Series for Merrittville Speedway’s 5 Divisions is brought to race fans and racers by division sponsors – Pinty’s Delicious Foods, Rick’s Delivery, Rev’s Full Throttle Powersports, Hoosier Tire Canada and Van Raine Construction and Contingency Partners http://www.merrittvillespeedway.com/contingency.html  in addition to many marketing partners. Visit them at http://www.merrittvillespeedway.com/sponsors.htm and visit them when you require their products and/or services. Lucas Oil Products is one of the fastest growing additive lines in the consumer automotive industry featuring a premium line of oils, greases and problem-solving additives. Through innovative product research and development, along with aggressive marketing programs, Lucas Oil Products has established itself as the top selling additive in the industry. Race fans can look for Lucas Oil Products at their favourite automotive retailer or maintenance center including KC Auto Parts, RCM Racing Equipment and Tim Phillips Garage.



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