Begolo, Vlasic, Bleich, Fawcett, Rothwell and
Flannigan get the job done on
Niagara Employment Help Centre Night  

The Niagara Employment Help Centre can help you get a job, 5 Lucas Oil Weekly Racing Series Drivers got the job done Saturday August 6th in winning their respective features.

Third generation driver Brent Begolo of Thorold won his first Yager Bros Trucking Sportsman Feature at the Thorold Track as did Craig Vlasic of Welland in the second round of the Eataly Foods Triple Truck Challenge.

Billy Bleich of Port Robinson won his first Yager Bros Trucking Novice Sportsman Feature as well.

Canfield’s Mark Fawcett took home his third straight Hoosier Stock Feature as did Kyle Rothwell of Wellland in the Van Raine Construction 4 Cylinder Division. 

Tommy Flannigan of Port Robinson rounded out the winners taking home his 2nd Pinty’s Delicious Foods 358 Modified Feature of 2016.

“We were pretty even in one and two,” said Brent Begolo after winning his first Sportsman Feature in the family’s tradition red #16 race car of his race with Brad Rouse, “I could see he was loose in three and four and thought I would wait til the end to make my move.”

After trailing Rouse, Begolo’s move would come the final time into Turn 4 and on exit, Begolo edged ahead of Rouse to take the win.

Rouse became the new leader after a lap 5 restart with Begolo following into second spot by lap 8. Rouse quickly ran away to a quarter lap lead until a lap 12 caution.

Rouse was out front once again and was off to a couple car length advantage on the field. By lap 20 Begolo had closed in on the leader.

Chris Storm beat fellow front row starter Chris Bellamy to the initial green flag and before one lap was complete contact between cars back in the pack brought out the first caution.

Storm resumed control of top spot on the restart until lap 5 when caution slowed the pace after Charlie Lynch, Tom Richau and Cody McPherson came together between Turns 1 and 2.

After a red flag to seperate the cars – all three drivers were able to continue although at the tail end of the field.

At the finish, Begolo and Rouse were followed by McPherson who drove back through the field after the earlier incident to take third. Jay Mallory and Justin Sharp rounded out the top 5.

“The holes kept opening up for me,” said Craig Vlasic after winning the second round of the Eataly Foods Pro 4 Triple Truck Challenge, “I think Kyle Tomaski may have put down some oil that messed me up for a few laps but I was able to hold on.”

Dylan Llord beat Andy Imbeault to the initial green flag before the Imbeault took control.

Kyle Tomaski was just about to challenge Imbeault for top spot before caution slowed the field on lap 3 for debris. Imbeault resumed control on the restart until Craig Vlasic quickly became the new leader.

Towards the halfway point, Anthony Spiteri began to challenge Imbeault for second – taking over the runner up spot on lap 9.

Caution on lap 11 had Vlasic out front once again until another caution on lap 12 delayed the return to action.

Vlasic set the pace on the restart with Spiteri trying to reel in in the leader but at the checkered flag fell a few truck lengths short.

Vlasic who earned a $100 Bonus from the Ontario Truck Driving School was followed by Spiteri were and Imbeault with Mike Toovey and Llord rounding out the top 5.

The Eataly Foods Pro 4 Triple Truck Challenge Series concludes Friday September 9th when Cotton Inc opens the Triple Header Weekend.

“I won a be Thursday Night, revealed Yager Bros Trucking Novice Sportsman first time winner Billy Bleich, “my prize was a night in the Charlie Lynch # 19.”

Sean Dominey was first to lead until Dave DiPetro took control the first time down the front stretch. Three and four wide at the front of the field quickly found Robbie Johnston in top spot until a lap 3 caution.

Side by side on the restart were Johnston and DiPetro until Billy Bleich Jr was the new leader.

Two cautions would slow Bleich but in the final run, the regular Hoosier Stock competitor took home the win. DiPetro, John Babion, Trevor Wright and Johnston closed out the top 5.

“”That was quite a race … hope the fans liked it,” said Mark Fawcett after winning his second Duel on the Dirt Home Track Event after a battle with Dave Bailey, “it’s been a fun couple weeks!”

Fawcett who won the first Duel on the Dirt Home Track Event back on Seaway Mall Night May 7th, edged ahead of Bailey crossing the start finish line to start lap 17  and in the closing laps drove away to a couple car length lead by the checkered flag on lap 20.

Kyle Pelrine and Bailey were side by side at the start before Bailey found the advantage and top spot. With Bailey off to a quick early lead, Pelrine would be challenged by Peter Reid.

Reid would land in the runner up spot on lap 3 with Mark Fawcett taking over third on lap 5. By lap 7 Bailey had opened up a lead of about a straightaway before caution closed the field on lap 8.

Bailey who chose the outside line had Reid keeping pace for a lap before Bailey edged ahead on lap 10. Lap 15 would have Fawcett close to within a couple car lengths of Bailey before caution stalled his challenge. Bailey set the pace on the restart with Fawcett side by side.  

At the finish, Fawcett, Bailey and Reid were followed by Jim Lampman and Billy Bleich Jr.

“This is the best handling car I’ve ever had,” said Kyle Rothwell after winning his third straight 4 Cylinder Feature and 5th of the season, “we’ve worked all year to get it to run on the bottom but we’ve got the top figured out.”

Clinton Nicholls and Kourtney Kocarik led the field to the green flag and were side by side until Nicholls took control. Contact back in the pack on lap 2 without caution but one lap later the field was slowed for caution. 

Nicholls was back out front on the restart. On the move in the early going was Tyler Lafantaisie who was behind the leader by some 10 car lengths. By lap 6 – the two were side by side.

Down the front stretch of lap 7 Nicholls slowed off the pace with Lafantaisie the new leader on the restart.

By lap 9 Kyle Rothwell was the new leader and over the final 5 laps drove away from Lafantaisie who put some distance between himself and Vincent Pagnotta. Mike Sadusek and Jay Moulton rounded out the top 5.

“I wasn’t sure which 28 was which 28 … I stuck to my line and it paid off,” said Tommy Flannigan after winning his second Pinty’s 358 Modified Feature of the season adding, “this is the car I didn’t like at the start of the year but we’ve been working on it and working on it.”

 Bill Bleich was first to lead before Todd Gordon took the lead the first time down the backstretch. Coming around to complete the first lap cars came together that left Chris Steele and Wayne Conn off the front stretch.

On the restart, Tommy Flannigan was the new leader with racing in the top 5 three wide. Quickly Flannigan would open up a lead of almost a straightaway on Gordon.  An early battle for third between Bicknell and Fred Carleton was the one to watch.

Lap 14 would find Bicknell and Chad Brachmann come together with Flannigan in control of top spot on the restart with Gary Lindberg taking over third.

By lap 20, the two 28s – Gordon and Lindberg would battle for second with Lindberg taking over the runner up spot some 1.3 seconds behind the leader.

With 10 to go, Lindberg closed to within a car length of Flannigan with a lap 29 caution slowing the pace

Flannigan resumed control of top spot with Lindberg facing a challenge from Ryan Susice.

In the closing laps Lindberg threw everything he had at the leader including a Happy Birthday sign off his car but at the finish fell just .098 of a second behind. Still quite a Birthday present for his wife Krista.

Flannigan, Lindberg and Susice were followed by Mark D’Ilario and Gordon.


Avondale Food Stores will present a 5 Division Lucas Oil Weekly Racing Series Event that will featured the Triple Crown Series Finale for the Van Raine Construction 4 Cylinder Division.

At intermission, the annual Kid’s Box Car Races will also take to the track.

Grandstands will open at 5:30 with Show Time at 7:00 PM.

To reach Merrittville Speedway call 905-892-8266 or via e mail – Merrittville Speedway is located at 2371 Merrittville Highway in Thorold Ontario. Merrittville Speedway’s Office is open Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM and is located in the Grandstand Area on the ground floor of the Lucas Oil Tower.

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Yager Bros Trucking Sportsman Feature (25 laps) Brent Begolo, Brad Rouse, Cody McPherson, Jay Mallory, Justin Sharp, Chris Bellamy, Paul Gaboury, Darrell Farraway, Charlie Lynch, Jim Harbison, Chris Storm, Joey Mastroianni, Robbie Johnston, John Babion, Tom Richau, Dave DiPetro, Chris Watters, Sean Dominey, Zachary George, Luke Carleton, Jesse Penner, Rob Knapp, Gord McIntosh.

Eataly Foods Pro 4 Triple Truck Challenge # 2 (15 laps) Craig Vlasic, Tony Spiteri, Andy Imbeault, Mike Toovey, Dylan Llord, Tyler Puchalski, Kevin Conley, Danny Wurster, Terry Ronning, Jamie Ayers, Emily Puchalski, Kyle Tomaski, Mitch Dumont, Taylor Vanderzanden.

Yager Bros Trucking Novice Sportsman Feature (10 laps) Billy Blech Dave DiPetro, John Babion, Trevor Wright, Robbie Johnston, Sean Dominey, Zachary George, Emily Puchalski.

Hoosier Stock Feature (20 laps) Mark Fawcett, Dave Bailey, Pete Reid Jim Lampman, Billy Bleich, Jack Myers, Chris Crawford, Steve Shaw, Kyle Pelrine, Jens Mortensen, Chris Schneider, James Marr, Tanner Podwinski.

Van Raine Construction 4 Cylinder Triple Crown Feature (15 laps) Kyle Rothwell, Tyler Lafantaisie, Vincent Pagnotta, Mike Sadusek, Jay Moulton, Brian Teeple, Tom Neale, Jeremy Smith, Tony Kelly, Garnet Wilson, Alex Riley, Kourtney Kocarik, Sam Iftody, Gregg Lounsbury, Trevor Want, Austyn Werstroh, Cole Hardy, Kyle Miller, Jason Coutu, Clinton Nicholls.

Pinty’s Delicious Foods 358 Modified Feature (35 laps) Tommy Flannigan, Gary Lindberg, Ryan Susice, Mark D’Ilario, Todd Gordon, Chris Steele, Chad Brachmann, Erick Rudolph, Mike Bowman, Fred Carleton, Tim Jones, Pete Bicknell, Shayne Pierce, Wayne Conn, Bill Bleich, Rick Hoctor. DNS – Scott Wood.

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