Following the race event on Saturday July 29th, Merrittville Speedway Officials and Management issued the following penalty to 358 Modified Driver #37s Larry Lampman:


- Loss of full points and money from July 29, 2017 event

- Suspension for remainder of 2017 racing season, from competition and from the pit area of
  Merrittville Speedway

- Probation for one full season, upon returning to competition to Merrittville Speedway 
  (will be valid for 5 years)


After the feature event on Sat. July 29 the above competitor, used his race car, in a wreckless manner in the tech area. The above driver not only jeopardized the safety of a fellow competitor, but also 2 track officials, and anyone else in the near location.  The actions of this driver will not be tolerated by Merrittville Speedway officials and owners.

To date, officials and Management have issued penalties to a number of different drivers.  Although these penalties were not made public, moving forward, any penalties issued will be posted on the website at the following link: 

The following are the penalties that have been issued:

-       Eight different drivers have been handicapped with a feature win

-       One driver was penalized by starting tail in his heat

-       One driver was penalized by starting tail in his heat and feature for one week

-       Two drivers were penalized by starting tail in their heat and feature for two weeks

-       One driver was issued a warning for using illegal signaling of the driver from the pit area.

The cause of these penalties have been from rough driving under caution or post-race or from intentionally taking someone out under green flag racing.  When a driver is black flagged from a race for rough driving they are automatically issued a feature win for handicapping purposes.

Merrittville Speedway Management reminds all participants (drivers, crews and spectators) that Merrittville Speedway is a place of family entertainment and are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and non-disruptive manner at all times, and those that choose not to, will be dealt with accordingly.  


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